Sade Petlele

Sade Petlele is a 20-something black queer femme (magic) living in Toronto. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she lived in Johannesburg, South Africa for most of her teens. She came to Toronto in 2012 (and basically loves it here).

Sade spends most of her days making that customer service money at a small sex toy shop and frustratedly trying to graduate from the University of Toronto. She dabbles in trying to teach herself: graphic design, crafting, pen and pencil sketching, (make up?)

A lot of her time is spent figuring out her place in a big and complex African Diaspora, as well as learning her untaught history/identity.

Likes: white wine, Drake, queerness, Afrofuturism, witchcraft, box braids

Dislikes: inauthentic allies, most condiments, people who interrupt a lot, anxiety, racism

Sometimes she posts cute sketches + selfies on instagram! @ohheyitsjones 

Check out her work here!