Queer Supply began with a group of queer artists, writers, and musicians, who made crafts as a method of self care. It has since grown into a community of like-minded individuals, seeking to carve out space for their queer identity.

Sapphire (left) rocking a Magic Black Femme sweatshirt designed by Sade Petlele (right)

In the beginning our crafts were hand delivered; handed over turnstiles at the subway station; traded covertly in corporate coffee chains, gift wrapped in plastic shopping bags. They were requested over Facebook and sent by mail. They hitchhiked in backpacks and suitcases to find their way across Canada. We want to celebrate our self reliance. Our crafts are a part of that identity.


Our crafts are about community. Everything we make, we make with care and intention. We want our products to speak volumes about the worldview of the people who make them and own them. Every item sold through Queer Supply has the potential to start a conversation, build a friendship or put a dent in oppressive systems.

Sam (left) Toronto Musician with Andrew Huang (right) Music Producer and YouTube Creator
Dahli, friend of Queer Supply and Toronto badass

All products sold through Queer Supply are guaranteed to be ethical and accessible. We use materials that are made locally, in the Greater Toronto Area, because we care about smart and sustainable consumption. Most importantly, there’s no assembly line behind Queer Supply. We make every piece, by hand, in our bedrooms.

Our company is built on a communal approach to commerce. We aim to promote individual expression and celebrate self-reliance. Our online platform is designed to showcase and empower artists from marginalized communities, giving them a safer space to have their work seen and their voices heard. Queer Supply is designed to engage many communities and we’re very proud to share it with you.

T. Thomason (left) Award winning Canadian musician with Sade Petlele (right) creator at Queer Supply