Queer Supply features Toronto artists and the crafts they make at home.

We began with conversations about identity. We believe that the rejection of oppressive social structures can be achieved through self-love and community support. Queer Supply is about celebrating the intersectionality that strengthens us.

 Crafting was a method to reconnect with and care for ourselves, and eventually grew into a community project. The work we create is designed to make space for marginalized people and our multifaceted identities. When we craft space to express ourselves, we create opportunities to connect with each other. 

 Each piece is a positive statement about our lives, relationships, identities, the right to love ourselves. 



Kit is a queer non-binary weirdo living in ...

Kit is a queer non-binary weirdo living in Toronto and the founder of Queer Supply. Kit likes to spend… Read More

Sade Petlele


Sade Petlele is a 20-something black queer femme (magic) living in Toronto. Originally from Atlanta… Read More